Latin Spices - Samba's & Cha Cha's

You're Going On Vacation

Samba Feel Track comprising of Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Horns, Flute, Percussion, Bass & Drums. Fun, Beach Vacation.  BPM 100

Latin Hips

Latin Rock Cha Cha. Song history of how the Cha Cha dance started. Vocal harmonies, Santana style guitars, Percussion. BPM 120

First Dance

Cha Cha Medium tempo comprised of Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Organ, Bass, Drums & Percussion. BPM 100

On Earth With You

 Samba, Bossa Nova pop song. Basia, Sade style. Female vocals and harmonies. Jazzy piano solo, percussion.

BPM 80